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Humana – Alabama

Available in most every state, Alabama individual health plans from national carrier Humana offer comprehensive coverage and affordable plans to match your needs.

Alabama health insurance policies from Humana are designed to meet a variety of needs, providing a few different options for coverage. Offered to both single individuals and families with dependent spouses and/or children, Humana One plans cover a variety of health care services.

Humana One plans can be purchased in varying levels of coverage, based on how much care you anticipate to use, or how much you are willing to pay for coverage.

In Alabama, Humana One plans are in line with the other competing insurers, priced fairly even for the most comprehensive plans. Lower cost options are available with Humana’s affordable PPO plans if you’re looking for budget-friendly coverage.




Humana One Plans in Alabama


Enhanced Copay 80

This is the plan you want to lean towards if you are looking for the most benefits for your money, and the greatest flexibility with your plan. With a wide range of deductibles ($1,000 to $5,000) and access to immediate benefits such as diagnostic illness and injury office visits, urgent care, and prescriptions for a copay, this is a great option for anyone who wants as much safety as possible. As indicated by the plan name, 80 percent of major medical expenses are covered after you reach the deductible.

View the Enhanced Copay Alabama Brochure for more details.


Copay 80

A balanced plan for those who want access to benefits for a copay from the start of their plan, but don’t necessarily need the bells and whistles of an Enhanced plan. Copay 80 has a more limited number of office visits, six to be precise in Alabama, and a more limited choice of higher deductibles. Alabama residents can choose between $3500 and $5000 deductibles for this plan, which covers prescriptions, preventive care with no limits, and hospital care.

View the Copay 80 Alabama Brochure for more details.


Copay 70

Offering a lower premium for higher coinsurance after deductible, these plans give a few more options for Alabama residents who want a deductible of either $1500, $2500, $5000, or $7500. This plan restricts your upfront coverage a bit more, with only three covered visits for a copay with a primary care doctor, specialist, or urgent care facility. Prescriptions and preventive care are covered through this plan.

View the Copay 70 Alabama Brochure for more details.


Value 100

Receive 100 percent coverage after reaching your deductible with this Alabama health plan. For a low monthly premium, a high deductible ensures plenty of coverage for high medical bills. While you pay out-of-pocket for all services prior to reaching your deductible, prescriptions are covered as soon as your plan begins, and preventive care is free, as always.

View the Value 100 Alabama Brochure for more details.


Enhanced HSA 100

Add up your tax-advantaged medical dollars by using a health savings account to help meet your deductible. All but preventive care and prescriptions are covered after meeting the annual deductible, which ranges from $1500 to $5950 for individuals in Alabama. These plans are recommended for those who plan to meet their deductible before the year is over, and want to receive an additional income tax break.

View the Enhanced HSA 100 Alabama Brochure for more details.


HSA 100

Like its enhanced sister plan, but without the prescription benefits, this policy gives you the same options of opening a health savings account and receiving 100 percent coverage after deductible. These plans also offer upfront access to preventive care for free, and you can use a discount card in lieu of pharmacy coverage. These plans work better for those who want to try HSA plans but save a bit more and not require as much care.

View the HSA 100 Alabama Brochure for more details.


For more information on how much each plan costs in your area, start by filling out a quote. If you select “Humana One” from the Companies on the side bar, you can view each plan offered in your area and the corresponding monthly rates. You may also call one of our seasoned Humana agents at 888 803 5917.