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Alabama Health Insurance Companies (Carriers)

So, as we have discussed in most of the other pages on this Alabama health insurance sub-domain, the Alabama health insurance market has three main companies which are considered reliable.  Any other company not on this list is not here because we don’t approve of the coverage for various reason which might include (but doesn’t always) not being domiciled in Alabama, not having a strong Alabama network of physicians and hospitals, playing the coinsurance game, or just masquerading as health insurance when it is a discount plan.

If you have a company that you think might be legitimate that’s not on our list, I would recommend calling us at 888 803 5917 to discuss whether it is an issue with us or the insurance company, though to be fair we have researched the Alabama health insurance market for hours and days so it is most likely the insurance company.  We will be able to help you figure out what kind of coverage you do have and we do it for no charge.

The reason this page is so short is that it is part of an overview for this section on the Alabama health insurance companies, so you will need to click on the specific company you have questions about either on the right navigation or the top navigation.

This section will include a page on United Health Care, Humana One, and Celtic.