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In Montgomery, where there is a pretty large urban population there are quite a few choices for your health insurance dollar.  But in the opinion of any health insurance broker that is experienced and not a liar, you will be directed to any one of three major Alabama health insurance companies, including Celtic, United Health One and Humana One.

Montgomery Health Insurance Companies & Sample Quote

Throughout the site we have stuck with the same criteria for health insurance quotes, which is a $2,500 deductible, due to the amount of benefits that come with the amount, and it’s relative affordability. When trying to keep monthly premiums low, benefits high, and annual deductibles reasonable, it seems that $2,500 is a nice round number than many companies often cater to. The quote was created for a 34-year-old male living in Montgomery, who does not smoke and is in good health. With these specifics in place, it was revealed that United Health One has the lowest cost, highest coverage health insurance plan in the city.

Though there was a $2,500 deductible plan for a lower premium, it was very basic and did not cover physician and specialist visits, so we skipped to the one that offered more for a few dollars more. The Copay Select Value plan came in at $104 per month, and offers doctor’s office visits for a $35 copay when you see a PCP. This plan also covers most every hospital service at 70% after deductible when you use the United Health One PPO network. Generic prescription drugs are also available for a $15 copay as soon as your plan starts, without an additional deductible to meet.

The next runner-up was a tie between United Health One and Humana One, offering a greater amount of coverage than the Copay plan, both for $123 per month and 100% of all in-network care covered after deductible. United Health One HSA 100 Value plans are a great choice, and not only give you the convenience of not paying for in-network services once you reach $2,500, but the option of opening a health savings account (HSA) for more financial responsibility and tax advantages. An HSA 100 plan from Humana One is costs the same amount per month, and also offering 100% coverage on major medical care after deductible.

If you are looking for a copay plan that offers the full gamut of prescription drugs, then Enhanced Copay from United Health One or Copay Select from Humana One are great options, both of which have a monthly premium of $136 in Montgomery. Both offer the same rate of $35 for in-network doctor’s office visits, and the ability to use non-network providers if you prefer. All tiers of prescriptions are covered for a copay, though a separate deductible applies to anything other than generics with Humana plans, whereas United has no deductible.