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Mobile health insurance is of course dominated by four main health insurance companies including Celtic, Humana, and United Health One.  With a population of close to 200,000 people Mobile is certainly considered a major metropolitan hub.

Mobile Health Insurance Companies & Sample Comparison Health Insurance Quote

In Mobile, the two most affordable health insurance companies turned out to be Humana One and United Health One, with several matching premiums on nearly identical plans. Both of these companies provide a sizable network with providers throughout the Mobile area and the state of Alabama. No matter which one you choose, you are receiving a high quality of care and have access to some of the top doctors and facilities in your area.

To reach this conclusion, we ran a quote for a 35-year-old male who lives in Mobile, and feels comfortable with meeting an annual deductible of $2,500. This amount offers the widest array of benefits for a reasonable premium. Higher deductibles have lower premiums, but $2,500 sits nicely in the middle, and allows for a more realistic, everyday person deductible to meet.

When directing our client to a health plan in Mobile, we first would suggest the Copay Select Value plan from United Health One. At $104 per month, these plans offer immediate benefits in-network for reasonable copays, including $35 for a non-preventive primary care physician office visit. After the deductible has been met, this plan covers 70% of your hospital services, including surgery, diagnostic and emergency care. These plans even cover chiropractic for 30% coinsurance after deductible. The potential drawback, if you see it as such, is the limited prescription coverage with only generics available. If you are fine with saving a few hundred dollars per year and going generic, these plans are a great way to save.

The next best option is either from Humana or United, with 100% after deductible HSA plans. Both companies offer $2,500 deductible options for $123 per month. These plans are very similar except that the Humana plans have limited prescription coverage and the United plans cover all tiers of prescription drugs. Both cover doctor’s office visits and hospital care in-network in full after deductible, and have the option of opening a health savings account. Each of these companies has a great network in Mobile, but these are PPO plans, so if you rather you can use an out-of-network provider for a higher price.