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Huntsville Health Insurance

Huntsville, Alabama is known for being a very liveable city, due to the great quality of life as well as the thriving industries located in its perimeter. An eventful community, Huntsville hosts many happenings, including the widely popular Panoply Festival of the Arts. Another draw for Huntsville is the access to the outdoors, as the Tennessee River Valley surrounds the city with mesas, caves, and nearby mountains.

In addition to the area’s stability and natural beauty, the cultural element of NASCAR is a strong presence, bringing in the race fans to the Huntsville Speedway. A town with history, technology, and lovely backdrop, Huntsville makes sense as a top Southern city to call home.

Choosing a health insurance plan in Huntsville is an easy process. With only three options at hand, Humana, United, and Celtic, there is barely a decision to make. Each of these carriers offers PPO or HSA plans, but once you narrow down to the preferred qualities of a plan that suits you best, the choice is really between two companies. There are a total of 51 plans offered in Huntsville at the moment, which is half as many as most cities.

Between Humana One and UnitedHealthOne plans, which are nearly the exact same, it is up to you and your demographic as to which one provides a better price. However, since there are many other ways to spend your time in Huntsville, shopping for a health plan will luckily not consume more than a few minutes of your day.


Sample Huntsville Health Insurance Quote

To show you just how simple the Huntsville health insurance market is, we ran a sample quote for a 30-year-old male resident in good health and sans tobacco. Pointing this applicant to the most comprehensive plans for the least amount of money, we chose a $2500 deductible range with 20 percent coinsurance and unlimited doctor’s office visits. This is always the magic formula, as we will be known to suggest not depriving yourself of any benefits.

Of these three choices, you can eliminate Celtic right away as they only cover two office visits, primary and specialist combined. For some reason, this actually costs $30 more per month than the plans with unlimited visits. As it clearly makes no sense to discard important moneys on a limited plan, the choice comes down to UnitedHealthOne at $121 per month for this resident, or Humana at $130.

These plans are basically the same in every way, though they connect members to different networks. Otherwise, generic prescriptions are covered, in addition to a $35 copay for unlimited primary care physician and specialist visits as son as your plan begins with both. They each have a separate pharmacy deductible of $500 for brand name and higher tier drugs, but the out-of-pocket maximum is $500 less with Humana. This makes United the best option for this resident of Huntsville in search of an all-inclusive plan for a decent price.

Other residents will have an equally simple process with different rates, as prices vary from one individual to the next. To get a Huntsville quote that is applicable to you and depicts what you are likely to pay, fill out your own quote. You may also speak with an agent for a more detailed and personal consultation any time at 888 803 5917.






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