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Birmingham Health Insurance

Boasting a population of a quarter of a million residents Birmingham, Alabama offers three great choices for your health insurance plan, and four if you are over 55.  We are going to briefly discuss the choices here. AARP, Celtic, Humana One, and United Health One are the only four companies that you should consider for your health insurance company.  Of course your broker should be East Coast Health Insurance, so please call us at 888 803 5917 for a quick overview of the plans available to you in this great city.  Or if you are a self-starter, go ahead and click on the quote button above and compare and even apply for an Alabama health insurance plan from the privacy of your easy chair.

Birmingham Health Insurance Market & Sample Quote

After running a few Birmingham health quotes in several demographics, I have come to the quick conclusion that you can quickly boil your choices down to United Health One and Humana One, assuming you are healthy enough to have your pick of plans.

For a deductible of $2,500 for a 35-year-old male, plans can cost $104 a month with United Health One, who offers the most low-cost benefit-rich plans in Birmingham. The Copay Select Value plan covers 70% of your major medical bills after you meet the deductible, including hospital care, surgery and emergency room care. Copay plans are a favorite these days, mostly due to the comfort and convenience of having immediate benefits for a predictable rate on doctor’s office visits and prescriptions. There is a compromise with the Value plan for those who prefer a brand name, as generic prescription drugs are the only covered option. If you don’t mind using the substitute for a very reasonable copay of $15, then this plan may be the right one for you.

Other $2,500 deductible plans coming in close behind were also from United Health One, with options for a 100% after deductible, health savings account plan for $123 per month, and a copay plan with a higher level of coverage at 80% after deductible for $136 per month. Both of these offer doctor’s office visits for a $35 copay. Right next to the United plans is Humana One, which offers very similar plan designs and a similarly large network of providers. All of these plans are PPOs, which gives you the ability to use out-of-network care if you have a favorite doctor who doesn’t happen to be in your network. Humana offers an HSA plan with a $2,500 deductible for $148 per month, which covers everything under the sun at 100% in-network after deductible.

Humana also has its copay plans with a large array of benefits available for a slightly higher amount. Their Enhanced Copay 80 plans with our deductible of choice covers hospital care at 80% after deductible, and office visits for $35 with a primary care physician. Specialist visits are also covered for a copay from the day your plan begins. These are great plans for people who are familiar with having group insurance through their workplace, with the ease of knowing what to expect with each visit and prescription pick-up.

Basically, United Health One and Humana One offer very similar plans and large networks in Birmingham. If you want a trusted health insurance company in your wonderful city, you need not look any further than the plans offered by these major names in the insurance industry. Other plans are available for lower monthly premiums, though usually accompanied by a higher deductible. Keep in mind that prices also greatly vary by age and gender, so it is worthwhile to get a personal quote for the best understanding of what your options are.

If you are over 55 then you might be eligible for AARP call us for more information.