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“We Believe Health Insurance is A Right Not A Privilege”

Here is a conversation we had with a Medicare agent whom we refer business to and vice versa concerning the upcoming hopefully beneficial changes coming in the health insurance field. We speak candidly though we deleted his name in case he wishes to be protected.

I filed this in the about section because my wife is the author and it is symbolic of the fighting that we must do everyday to get stubborn people to get health insurance before they need it, complicated by laws that protect health insurance companies while ignoring the young and poor.  The list goes on of course, but the length of the list is only matched by the list of reasons that health insurance coverage is not something to get when you need it.

He is watching his business change more then us now as they are already stripping Medicare starting specifically with Medicare Advantage plans.  He is unable to help many people anymore due to the complexities of Medicare and the time it takes to help one person is the same time he used to spend on three.

Yes, Medicare is a very expensive program and there is a lot of waste and fraud but I think it has been one of the few things the government has done that has been somewhat successful, all things considered. The infrastructure is already in place — if they would let people who have no other way of obtaining coverage “buy” into Medicare, I would be lovin’ it!! No “hand-outs” and no coverage for illegal aliens (we need to take care of our own citizens and permanent legal residents first).

anonymous Medicare agent

I agree, all things considered it has been successful, I think they messed it up with the bill George W. Bush signed for the prescription portion of Medicare – Part D, that didn’t make any sense fiscally. And that’s precisely what I am talking about, if we have the infrastructure in place for that program that could potentially be good, then why not better it and expand it instead of ignoring the issue at hand and adding to the problem.

Jeremy, too, is outspoken about that issue about hand outs, both of us agree that there are many people who fall between the cracks and aren’t eligible for government assistance but can’t afford or aren’t eligible for private insurance either – the expansion of these existing programs could offer assistance to these people in real need. I can’t stand it when I hear time and time again people telling me that they don’t have or don’t need health insurance since they are healthy or whatever… I tell them either one of two things in a little bit of a nicer way: A. Yeah it’s unfortunate when healthy people unexpectedly get hit by a bus, or B. I was healthy at 25 when I unexpectedly had an abnormal pap smear that prompted a biopsy that concluded the need for an emergency surgery for cervical dysplasia (the precancerous cells were aggressively headed towards cervical cancer which reportedly gives a person about 3 years to live).

So, in the nicest way possible, I try to say GET INSURANCE NOW while you’re healthy, because what is sad to hear and what I’ve become so accustomed to is ignorance – it’s not necessarily their mistake I feel that much of the problem is in education or the lack there of.

I am a huge advocate for education, when a 30 year old calls me and says that they have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or a 25 year old who has tried committing suicide and are surprised when they cannot obtain private health insurance – I help them the best way I can. But something needs to be done about all the healthy people who will inevitably become sick in one way or another and have the same realization, that is, they can’t obtain health insurance when you’re already sick…that is not the health care system’s problem, and I don’t even know where that responsibility lies…if it’s the public sector, government, private sector, but someone has to educate the public into understanding the what, when, how, etc of health insurance.

My mom always said I was a bit of a politician, and I’m sure a poor one at that, so my apologies for the rambling…but it is very cool that you read any of my blog and your insight is much appreciated! I’m very much on the same page, no hand outs – I don’t mind paying for people to receive healthcare who really cannot afford it, but I am sick of paying for people who don’t think they will ever get sick!

my wife Caroline Ehrenthal

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