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Every Choice Health Insurance

We Believe Health Insurance is A Right, Not A Privilege.


We are the only Florida-based health insurance company that actually does the right thing, every time for the client regardless of the implications financially or its effect on our legal department. 

(They are always busy in there!)


What does this mean? 

There is no other brokerage in Florida that has been set up so that they can actually sell every company that is legitimate.  That means you don’t have to talk to more than one broker to get the lowdown on every plan.

We do the right thing, because in health insurance it’s the easiest thing. 

The right thing in Florida Health Insurance is to put the client before the company and before profits.  We spent months getting every Florida county assistance program and state social program contact information so that we could get everyone help regardless of their financial situation and we will never sell you something when there is a chance you can get it for free.

Every Choice Health Insurance doesn’t care about these health insurance companies at all, one year we were Humana’s biggest brokers (when they were the best priced company and gave the most health coverage for the least money), the next year we sold 5 policies because Blue Cross and Cigna were the most health coverage for the least money.  And guess what? Both companies pay 20% less commissions then Humana.

We are your friends, and why wouldn’t you want to buy health insurance from us?

Remember that time we all hung out at my sisters house and you made that joke about stomach acid and fishing rods?  Guess who it was us who faked a laugh so you could look cool in front of my sister’s friend?  Then you dated her for three years, (it’s not our fault you didn’t sign a pre-nup) so you owe us!


Now our promotional stuff…

Every Choice Health Insurance is a comprehensive website for your individual and small group medical health insurance needs.

We offer FREE instant online insurance quotes and applications from all major health insurance carriers in Florida. We have taken the science out of buying by eliminating shopping by licensing with all of Florida’s only eight (if someone shows you a ninth carrier, I would get suspicious!) reputable well known medical insurance companies.

Due to constraints by the carriers, certain quotes can be obtained from our quote engine above, and others will need to be obtained from the bar on the left. If all else fails call us, we’re here to help after all!

We can also help you if you were unable to get health insurance in Florida due to medical conditions, cost, or both as our experience with 1 and 2 man groups as well as Medicaid, Medicare, county Health plans, county hospital health plans is unparalleled. We don’t even know the name of any discount companies and would likely insult the broker that sold you one.

We give free advice to all callers or e-mailers as we firmly believe that health insurance is a “right, not a privilege.”

Most of our paid business comes from our free consulting client referrals. So, if you’ve been turned down with almost everyone or if you are scared because you can no longer afford your premiums, or if you don’t even have coverage because you fall into the 47 million uninsured Americans…

Please call us at 888 803 5917 and we will help get you out of that statistic.

We specialize in one thing and that is individual health insurance and health quotes, for the Florida and the national health insurance market and getting you the right policy. For a smack on the back, or some good advice, call us or drop us a line.


Our address is:

426 W Hillsboro Blvd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


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