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Georgia Families is a program to help members of Georgia Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids find a care management organization (CMO) and a primary care provider to coordinate their health services. The majority of those enrolled in Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids are required to use Georgia Families for their health plan and doctor selection. Once you are accepted as a member of either of these public health insurance programs, you can call Georgia Families to assist you with choosing a health plan and a PCP. Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids members have 30 days to contact Georgia Families before a health plan and PCP will be assigned to you automatically. Members can also change their health plan within 90 days after enrolling in one initially.

Georgia Families is administered by the Department of Community Health and private care management organizations (CMOs). After discussing your options for health plans and doctors with Georgia Families, members can choose the best one that meets their needs.

Certain recipients of Medicaid do not have to enroll in Georgia Families, including anyone who is blind or disabled, children in foster care or with special health needs, or dual eligibles (Medicaid-Medicare enrollees). For a full list of members who are not required to enroll in Georgia Families, view exclusions. Basically, it is required for children, families and pregnant women who belong to these programs, as well as women who are covered by the Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid program. Any member who feels they should be exempt from enrolling in Georgia Families should contact the Department of Family and Children Services.


Health Plans

There are three managed care organizations, or health plans, offering coverage for Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids members in each region of Georgia. These include Amerigroup, Peach State Health Plan, and WellCare. You can find out more about what each health plan covers and how their plans work by selecting your region below.








Benefits & Costs

Using a health plan does not change the conditions of your Medicaid or PeachCare coverage, as it simply directs members towards a specific network of providers. Care received within your chosen network does not cost any more than the established copays and premiums for Medicaid and PeachCare, and includes the same range of services covered by both programs. A large percentage of health plans also include a great emphasis on health and wellness, offering health education and prevention programs. Additionally, the health plan can help you find a provider more efficiently and be smart about seeking medical care. You can also learn about referrals, providers, and how the who system works.


Getting Coverage

When you enroll in Georgia Families, you can receive covered services through your health plan starting on the 1stĀ of the following month. All necessary information about your health plan will be sent to you, including a member ID card, and a list of in-network primary care doctors. Since you will have already chosen your PCP, you can call them for more details on receiving care. Your PCP is your guide to all kinds of medical care, and they must approve any service you need.


How to Enroll

Once you are approved for Medicaid or PeachCare, you will receive information by mail about Georgia Families. You can enroll in the program several ways: visit Georgia Families online, join the program by phone at 888-GA-ENROLL, apply in person at a local office, or mail/fax in the form you received from Georgia Families.

Send your paper application to:

Georgia Families

PO Box 1096

Atlanta, GA 30303-9997

Fax: 866-482-3676



Georgia Families

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