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Valdosta Health Insurance

Valdosta, Georgia is home to more than 55,000 residents and is known as the Azalea City. Located in the southern region of the state, the closest larger cities are Jacksonville and Tallahassee. While a still a relatively small town, Valdosta by no means one of the least populous cities in Georgia. There are several opportunities for higher education in the city, as well as a regional airport, and a Carnegie Library. While still a small city, Valdosta provides its residents with a handful of cultural elements, including great parks and historic architecture.

Despite being a quaint city, Valdosta has many options for health insurance, as eight different carriers serve the region. With similar choices to much of the country, Valdosta health insurance is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Cigna, Aetna, Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, Humana, and Celtic, with regional company Consumer’s Life offering plans, as well. Depending on your demographic and health coverage needs, your best health plan option will vary.

Health plans in Valdosta are available as POS or HSA from Blue Cross or Coventry, and the remaining companies offer PPOs. The POS plan is going to save you money as the process is more limited, like an HMO, though you do have the ability to see out out-of-network providers. If you are unsure which type of plan is right for you, consider whether your priority is saving money or getting access to more doctors and hospitals without referrals or having to choose a primary care provider. PPOs are a favored plan type as there is no obligation to select a PCP and no referrals are required.

Sample Health Insurance Quote

To provide a more detailed, visual explanation of health insurance in Valdosta, we ran a quote for a healthy 30-year-old female living in the city. Providing somewhat of a shortcut to the most affordable plans, we chose the plans that give the greatest variety of benefits, highest quality, and most realistic pricing. Typically the range of $2500 for a deductible, which may seem high to those who do not require much health care, offers a fully-stocked plan for a decent monthly cost.

In Valdosta, the best deal for this instance is from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia at $178 per month. Women receive higher rates than men in Georgia, as well as most states, until the health care law changes the market in 2014. Regardless of gender biased pricing, this Valdosta resident is going to pay just about the same in much of the United States, and this price range is very normal. The Blue Cross Premier Plus plan is a robust blend of first-dollar benefits harmonizing with an equally complete set of major medical coverage. This amount of coverage for 20 percent coinsurance after deductible makes considering a POS that much more appealing.

Coventry One’s closest match was a $1750 deductible with 30 percent coinsurance, which is somewhat compensated for, in that dental coverage is included and there is no prescription deductible to meet. This plan has the lowest premium, at $152 per month for our sample applicant. Coventry is often the price leader in most of its coverage areas. Regional carrier Consumer’s Life is the next most competitively priced for a standard PPO at $193, and they offer another nearly identical plan for $7 more with a lower doctor’s office copay.

The other carriers serving Valdosta are decent, though the rates climb and it is not necessarily worth the extra money. Keep in mind that every health insurance quote will be different, as factors such as age, tobacco use, family size, and gender usually have some effect on rates. The best way to be certain which plan is right for you, and which will be the most cost-effective, is to do some quick research and fill out a quote. If you have any trouble deciding on a plan or feel the need for expert advice, call one of our licensed agents at 888 803 5917.