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Columbus Health Insurance

Your Search For Columbus Health Insurance Is Over!

Have you been struggling to find affordable and effective Columbus health insurance coverage for you and your family? Well, good news! When you contact our company, East Coast Health Insurance, you’ll quickly be matched up with your ideal policy. As one of the leading health insurance brokerages, our local agents and customer service representatives have the capability and skills to meet your needs. And, our employees are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the specific rules and guidelines of the Georgia health insurance market.

Yes, our headquarters are located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. But as we respect the needs of our Columbus customers, we have a large and talented pool of agents and employees are permanently based in your own backyard. We know that Columbus is a unique community, one home to a rich cultural heritage. This city of almost 190,000 boasts beautiful homes and neighborhoods, bustling businesses and shopping, and popular attractions, both natural and man-made. Really, what more can be said about a city selected as #4 on this year’s list of “100 Best U.S. Cities to Live” by Best Life Magazine?


Columbus Health Insurance Plans Are Available Now

As you’d expect, this is one truly great place to call home. Naturally, you want to make the most of your time here. That’s why it’s essential to have quality a Columbus health insurance plan for you and your loved ones. Our company prides itself on carrying all of the leading plans, from basic, “no-frills” plans to the impressive, full coverage offered by the “giants,” such as:  Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and United.

You may be interested in an HMO, PPO, or POS plan. Or, perhaps you only want Columbus health insurance coverage for certain members of your family? And what if you or another dependent has a medical condition? You can rest assured that we’ll discuss all of your questions or concerns when we meet. We want you to walk away with the perfect plan for your specific situation – and especially your budget!

East Coast Health Insurance Is Affordable for All

Look, we understand that times are tough today, and often, other bills take precedence. But at East Coast Health Insurance, we’ll go the extra mile to find the best possible coverage for your monthly budget. After all, even the most basic Columbus health insurance plan is better than no coverage at all! Just as an example, a quick search on our website shows that for a single, 35-year old, nonsmoking male Columbus resident, a PPO plan offered by Coventry or Humana for under $100.00 per month. That’s real Georgia health insurance coverage, for a very reasonable amount! However, for a more complete plan, as seen below, coverage starts at $117.

If you’re uninsured, there’s no better time to schedule a meeting with one of our agents. You and your family need quality Georgia health insurance plans, whether it’s HMO, PPO, POS, corporate or government plan. Feel free to call us at 888 803 5917, or search online for your personalized Columbus health insurance quote.