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Marietta Health Insurance

At East Coast Health Insurance, the leading health insurance brokerage, we’re proud to serve the residents of Marietta, Georgia. Among Atlanta’s suburbs, there may be no more eye-catching and alluring destinations than that of Marietta. This city combines “small-town” appeal with big-city benefits, including a rich cultural scene, high employment, a desirable housing market, diverse shopping and dining options, and many “must-see” attractions, especially that of the community’s distinctive downtown center.

Marietta is also home to an extensive parks and recreation system, and the locals take full advantage of these natural diversions. On a given day, you’ll find plenty of men, women and children staying active out in the Great Outdoors. But for those times when more serious medical issues arise, there’s simply no substitute for having quality Marietta health insurance coverage, whether it’s a no-frills policy or a full-coverage plan from the major carriers.



Unfortunately, more and more Georgians (and Americans) are living with less than acceptable, or even no health insurance at all! It’s estimated that 47 million Americans under the age of 65 had NO health insurance coverage in 2011. Even worse, these uninsured people jam up medical facilities, and cause healthcare cost to rise, even for the insured! Quite simply, you and your family MUST have reliable a Marietta health insurance plan.


Marietta’s Residents Rely On East Coast Health Insurance

While East Coast Health Insurance, the leading health insurance brokerage, is a South Florida-based company, we have a qualified team of insurance professionals permanently licensed and even one based in Marietta. Our agents and customer service representatives will meet with you at your convenience on the phone, at your home, or at our offices and address all of your questions and concerns. You’ll be able to select from our full line of Marietta health insurance plans, including those from: Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Celtic, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and United.

You may have trouble deciding between the type of plan, such as an HMO, PPO, POS, government or employer policy. If you or any members of your family have a pre-existing conditions may play a role in the level of Marietta health insurance coverage that you receive.

Price Is No Obstacle to Quality Marietta Health Coverage

But the one factor that you’re probably most concerned about is your budget, and just how much you’ll have to set aside for quality coverage. Fortunately, we offer our customers a simple and effective tool for determining Marietta health insurance premiums. As an example, we entered the information for a married, non-smoking couple, a 20-year-old man and his 21-year-old wife. The results show that they’re eligible for quality plans from Aetna and Humana One, for $75.00 or less each month! With such low rates, how can you continue to remain uninsured?

You and your family need Marietta health insurance coverage. Why not contact our knowledgeable agents and employees today? We’re experts on the ins and outs of Georgia health insurance, and we want to provide you with coverage. You can reach us at (888) 803-5917 today, or you can explore our website and get a quote.



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