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“We Believe Health Insurance is A Right Not A Privilege”

Atlanta health insurance from East Coast Health Insurance is primarily dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield (they have about 120 plans themselves) and my favorite (in an underdog sort of way), Kaiser Permanente.

Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett Counties, Atlanta

Exploring Available Health Insurance Plans in Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, or “Hotlanta,” as this bustling destination is known. The nation’s 33rd largest city, spanning over 130 square miles, the Atlanta metropolitan area incorporates 28 counties, including Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Spalding. Since its incorporation in 1847, this city has grown into a kingdom of more than five million.

And why not, as there are world-famous attractions, scintillating culture, a huge retail community, mouth-watering cuisine, and a thriving social scene. In addition, there is the steadily rising housing market, prestigious universities, beautiful year-round weather, and countless natural attractions, including parks, trails, and waterways. Whether you’re in the mood for some outdoor relaxation or a serious athlete in training, these natural locales attract the young and old, singles, couples, and families.


Health Insurance Plans for all of Atlanta’s Health Insurance Consumers

At East Coast Health Insurance we understand that there may be no better (or inexpensive) health benefits than fresh air and physical exertion. But what if you do need some more traditional healthcare? Well, throughout the Atlanta region, there is no shortage of medical facilities, ranging from world-renowned hospitals to suburban facilities to neighborhood shops. Of course, these locations accept Georgia health insurance plans from all leading companies. But for those Atlantans living without some sort of plan, your search for affordable health insurance is over!

You see, East Coast Health Insurance is well-represented within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our agents and representatives are knowledgeable about all of Georgia’s (and the country’s) health insurance rules and regulations, as well as current news and specific issues affecting the population. Whether it’s Atlanta health insurance plans, current medical news, specific companies, or payment options, our agents and representatives are available to address your questions and concerns.


Atlanta Residents Turn to East Coast Health Insurance

However, the uninsured in Atlanta can take advantage of hundreds of plans offered by us. We’re a leading Internet health insurance brokerage, and as such, we’re able to provide the full spectrum of plans from the leading companies, including: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (the area’s leader), Celtic, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and United.

And though we’re based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, our Atlanta employees will provide quality health care options, regardless of your economic situation, location, or health background. They’ll quickly determine the best Atlanta health insurance plans – whether HMOs, PPOs, and basic or all-encompassing care – for you AND your family.

For an eye-opening overview, we’ve presented a sample health insurance quote for one Atlanta family, including a couple (both in their late 20s and non-smoking) and their nine-year old child.


Georgia Health Insurance from East Coast Health Insurance
Georgia Health Insurance from East Coast Health Insurance

Consider Many Factors In Your Atlanta Health Insurance Search

In today’s economy, price may determine if you have health insurance. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 47 million Americans (20% of those under the age of 65) had NO health insurance coverage in 2011. Not only is this depressing, but it also means that our hospitals and doctors’ offices will be flooded with the uninsured, thereby affecting even those with health insurance.

At East Coast Health Insurance, our goal is to provide you AND your family with quality coverage. Sure, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when selecting health insurance coverage. After all, there are many health insurance companies, ranging from the giants (including Aetna, Celtic, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, United, and especially Blue Cross Blue Shield) to small, no-frills plans.

When it comes to optimal coverage, you and your agent have many things to discuss. For instance, what type of plan is best, an HMO or a PPO? If you’re the type of consumer who likes to go with the industry leader, you’re probably going to be very satisfied with Blue Cross Blue Shield; with more than 120 plans available, it’s the undisputed Atlanta leader. If anyone in your family has a preexisting condition or smokes, your rates may rise. And family is, itself, a major issue. Whether you’re single, married, divorced and have children all determines your Atlanta health insurance plan outcomes.


Case Study: Actual Atlanta Residents Selecting Health Insurance

To illustrate the Georgia health insurance plan coverage available, we’ve spotlighted typical customers. For this case study, we’ve selected an Atlanta-based married couple: a 47-year-old Atlanta non-smoking man, employed as an accountant, and his 43-year-old non-smoking wife, a nurse. This couple has two children; a 21-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son, both of whom are non-smoking college students. As you’ll see, Aetna and Coventry One offer the most inexpensive options, but there are many plans to review.

In the example below, with a $2500 deductible for a 34-year-old man we find that though Humana is the least expensive health insurance company in this class it is more like a solid GM car then a Toyota: meaning that the cars cost the same but you will get more mileage out of Blue Cross Blue Shield or Kaiser Permanente. Of course there is no right answer, and we recommend you call us at 888 803 5917 for our recommendation for you.



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