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UnitedHealthOne – Georgia

As one of the nation’s largest insurers, UnitedHealthOne from UnitedHealthcare provides individual and family coverage to residents of Georgia and many other states. Their plans are administered and underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary, who has sold health insurance¬†plans on the individual market for more than 65 years. UnitedHealthcare insures employer groups, individuals, seniors, and recipients of government assistance, and is part of the UnitedHealth Group, which serves over 75 million people worldwide with healthcare services and technology. Their provider network spans all fifty states, and includes 704,966 physicians and medical professionals, 80,000 dentists, and 5,580 hospitals.

UnitedHealthOne plans in Georgia are much like the health insurance policies they sell throughout the country. They offer options for comprehensive coverage with affordable services, health savings account compatible plans, as well as some plans with low premiums to offset a high deductible. Members also have the ability to pair their plan with one or more of a variety of additional benefits, such as dental or accident coverage. These plans allow you to get the coverage you need with any provider you like and receive necessary services to stay healthy. Wellness programs and resources for your health are also available with your UnitedHealthOne plan. Though they may not rank very well for member satisfaction, their products are still dependable and provide a good set of benefits with a large network.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Georgia


Copay Select Plans

Offering benefits such as doctor’s office visits, urgent care, and generic prescriptions for a flat rate, Copay plans give members lower out of pocket costs for a higher premium. Also known as a comprehensive plan, this type of plan covers a higher percentage of your medical costs after deductible, either 70, 80 or 100 percent, and includes several services without having to fulfill your deductible. We find that most Georgians prefer plans that provide a few benefits for a reasonable amount upfront, rather than paying in full until your deductible is met.


High Deductible Plans

When you enroll in a Plan 80, Plan 100, or Saver 80 plan with UnitedHealthOne, you pay a significantly lower premium, and receive a great provider selection for many kinds of care. Plan 80 and Plan 100 include prescription coverage and office visits with a primary care doctor or specialist, covered in full or at 80 percent along with a range of services. For those seeking a bare-bones policy, Saver 80 plans provide a very low premium and no coverage for physician care or medications. Preventive care is included for free with each of these plans to maintain your health.


Health Savings Account Plans

UnitedHealthcare was one of the pioneers of the consumer-driven health plan, and they continue to sell a solid HSA for individuals and families. Once you meet the deductible, your care is covered in full or at 70 percent, depending if you choose HSA 100 for more coverage or HSA 70 for a reduced rate. Members can connect their federally qualified coverage to a health savings account to receive tax benefits and fund a portable spending account. Wellness programs and preventive care are available to all HSA plan members for improved health and well-being.


UnitedHealthOne Georgia Brochure


Get a health insurance quote to find out how much each of these plans will cost in your area, and view other plans near you. Call a licensed agent who knows your local market and Georgia health plans for more information or guidance at 888 803 5917.