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Kaiser Permananete Georgia Ranking

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Brochure

US News and World Report recently ran rankings of some of the health insurance providers who operate in Georgia. If you’re in the market for health insurance, this is important to you—for if you have a choice, you’ll want to choose a company that has reasonable rates and quality service. In Georgia, Kaiser ranks as one of the best plans, with an overall score of 86.7 on a 100 point scale. One point of interest: Kaiser has NCQA accreditation; this means that they’ve gone through a rigorous screening process to meet 60 separate standards checks and must annually renew and prove that they are meeting increasing tough standards of quality in order to retain this prestigious distinction. For more information on NCQA, an independent not-for-profit group, visit their site—ncqa.org.

The US News and World Report rankings judge insurance companies on a number of different criteria, and Kaiser does the best (five stars) on “Prevention”. They provide adequate coverage for children and adolescents in terms of well-child visits, and excellent resources for immunizations, cancer screening, women’s reproductive health, and other screenings including sexually transmitted diseases.

Kaiser is also very well rated for treatment options, especially for specific diseases such as diabetes, heart disease (excelling in efforts to control high blood pressure), and mental and behavioral health illnesses.

Kaiser has a very robust online site for Georgia residents, as well as a number of online options for “healthy lifestyle programs”. Members can fill in wellness profiles for specific areas of interest and get personalized plans, tools for tracking and monitoring progress, online exercise videos, relaxation podcasts, health news, and much more. Areas of coverage for these wellness resources include chronic conditions, weight loss, healthy  eating, smoking cessation, stress reduction, sleep issues, back pain, depression, and more. And results seem positive; Kaiser reports that 56% of “Balance” weight loss members lost weight; 90% of “Nourish” users had healthier eating habits—online support and communities, helping with the resources described above, led to positive changes.

Kaiser’s doctors received average ratings, and general satisfaction (in terms of rating and customer service) was also average. On the whole, the Kaiser option for Georgia residents is a good one, and you should speak to your agent to compare quotes against other highly-rated companies.