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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of Georgia’s only carriers offering HMO plans, which are an incredible value when you consider the quality and the amount of care you receive. When connected to theĀ  Kaiser Permanente HMO network, you experience managed care at its finest, with a primary care physician to coordinate your medical services and ensure your well-being. Across the country, Kaiser Permanente insures 8.7 million members, making them the largest nonprofit health insurer in the United States. Their network includes more than 13,500 physicians, 430 facilities, and 35 medical centers nationwide. Residents of the Atlanta metropolitan area have the ability to use Kaiser Permanente’s individual HMO services.

As one of the founders and innovators of today’s managed care system, Kaiser Permanente has a rich history and therefore provides some of the best, continually top-rated health insurance products available for any market. Kaiser ranked in the top ten health plans for overall member satisfaction according to J.D. Power and Associates, and four times in the top 20 for the NCQA Private Health Plan Rankings. They serve individuals, families, employers, Medicare beneficiaries, and members of government health plans like Medicaid.

Individuals and families in the Atlanta region have a selection of four plan types to choose from, all of which provide a vast number of benefits. Though some may not prefer the restrictions of an HMO, they are very cost effective if you plan to use your health plan throughout the year.



Kaiser Permanente Plans in Georgia


Classic Plans

Offered in a variety of deductibles, Classic plans are a traditional copay plan with immediate coverage for doctor’s office visits, emergency care, urgent care, and generic drugs. Once you meet your deductible, your plan covers 80 percent of major medical costs. Brand name prescriptions are covered with a separate deductible, and many services including lab work and X-rays and preventive care are free of charge. Feel the comfort and ease of a benefit-rich plan with low cost sharing.

Kaiser Permanente Classic Plan Brochure


Essential Plans

Essential plans include a variety of services for a copay, making healthcare much more efficient. While these plans cover less benefits than Classic plans, you get access to the basics and more, such as unlimited office visits, generic drugs, urgent care, emergency care, and outpatient surgery. Your deductible is your out of pocket limit, giving you 100 percent coverage on all remaining covered services, like specialist visits.

Kaiser Permanente Essential Plan Brochure


Advantage Plans

For a lower premium, you have the high quality providers of the Kaiser HMO network at your service, and many benefits included. Copays cover your first two office visits with a specialist, an unlimited amount of PCP visits, urgent and emergency care, and generic prescriptions. Hospital care of other sorts is included in your deductible, and you pay 30 percent coinsurance once it has been met. Save money and still get a broad range of services.

Kaiser Permanente Advantage Plan Brochure


HSA Plans

An HMO plan paired with a tax-advantages HSA gives members full responsibility for charges up to the deductible. After deductible, your HSA plan covers 100 percent of every service, including primary care, tests, specialty care, emergency room visits, and every tier of prescriptions. Choose from a $5000 or $10,000 deductible to best fit your needs, and benefit from a low monthly premium.

Kaiser Permanente HSA Plan Brochure


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