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Humana One Reviews

Humana Health Plan of Georgia: How it Ranks

Humana One Individual Health Insurance in Georgia Brochure

Humana Health Care is one of the national health care providers who offer coverage in Georgia, and is one of the plans ranked recently by US News and World Report. While magazine rankings are not the only thing to consider when choosing a health-insurance plan provider, the third party (unbiased) nature of such rankings can prove instructive—especially if you have a particular area of interest that you wish to ensure is well-met by your insurance provider.

Humana was ranked in the top third of all providers nationally, but behind some of its national competition in Georgia (such as Aetna, Kaiser, Cigna)…nonetheless, it’s score of 78.1 is certainly respectable, and like its national competition, Humana has NCQA accreditation; this means that they’ve gone through a rigorous screening process to meet 60 separate standards checks and must annually renew and prove that they are meeting increasing tough standards of quality in order to retain this prestigious distinction. Think of the NCQA as the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval, for insurance plans. For more information on NCQA, an independent not-for-profit group, visit their site—ncqa.org.

Humana’s asthma resources in particular and treatment options in general ranked particularly well (five stars, of five). Their rankings for most other services were average or above average.

Another third-party review was more of a homerun; JD Power and Associates honored Humana as the highest-rated agency in the South Atlantic Region for overall member satisfaction. This award was based on coverage and benefits, choice of doctors, claims processing, customer service, and more.

In the national health care debate, one thing that sets Humana apart is a focus on consumer education—as a way to involve patients and members in their own health care decisions, and on the premise that an educated consumer is the best consumer. They have launched a series of informative, yet simple, videos entitled “Stay Smart, Stay Healthy” that provide simple answers to common questions about health care. The videos are a quick download and cover topics such as “How can I save money on healthcare?” “What are voluntary benefits?”, and “What if your employer doesn’t offer health insurance”—just as an example.

United Health care is a good option for Georgia health insurance; ask an independent agent about health plan quotes.