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Coventry Health Care is a national insurer specializing in medical coverage for small and large businesses, individuals, families, seniors, and public health plan members. Established in 1986, they currently provide services nationwide, including individual coverage in twenty-four states. Coventry One is their revered individual division, with a rating of A- from A.M. Best for their continued strength as a business, and recognition for their excellence from various other sources. Known for providing a user-friendly experience with every aspect of their health plans, Coventry Oneoffers budget-friendly options, most importantly. With a national network of over 580,000 medical providers and 4,700 hospitals, Coventry provides diversity and discounts in Georgia and outside of your coverage area.

Coventry One individual plans come with emergency room copays and full benefits almost equaling those of an HMO. And best of all? Coventry is the most affordable health insurance plan in Georgia. Their plans are priced at a number of levels so that everyone can afford some form of copay plan. They also offer dental coverage in Georgia to supplement any copay, value or high deductible plan.

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Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry members will be insured by Aetna.


Coventry One


Coventry One Georgia Plans


$30 Copay Plans

Combining great value with a thorough set of benefits, these plans cover unlimited primary care and specialist visits and include diagnostic lab and X-ray coverage for the same copayment. Choose from a variety of deductibles and receive 70 percent coverage after deductible on the few services the plan does not cover initially. These are the most comprehensive plans offered in Georgia with the lowest copays.

Coventry One Georgia $30 Copay POS Plan Benefits


$35 Copay Plans

Covering a large array of services for a copay, including chiropractic, vision care, urgent care, emergency room visits, and ambulance rides, you receive 70 percent coverage after deductible for all remaining services. Office visits are covered at $35 for unlimited primary care, and specialty care is limited to two covered visits. Deductibles ranging from $1750 to $5750 provide enough variety to select an affordable option in various price ranges.

Coventry One Georgia $35 Copay POS Plan Benefits


$45 Copay Plans

With a lower premium and very affordable benefits, $45 copay plans cover convenience care clinics, urgent care, emergency services, and office visits and other services prior to the deductible. Prescription coverage is also immediate for generics, and a $1000 deductible applies to brand names. As with other copay plans, the plan provides 70 percent coverage after deductible, leaving you responsible for 30 percent coinsurance.

Coventry One Georgia $45 Copay POS Plan Benefits


Fusion Plans

Covering 100 percent after deductible, Fusion plans offer a balance between first dollar coverage and hospital care. Office visits and convenience care center services are covered for $30 copays on your first six visits, and generic prescriptions are offered for $10 before deductible. Featuring low monthly premiums, these plans are ideal for those who want a combination of copays and coinsurance.

Coventry One Georgia Fusion Plan Benefits


Qualified High Deductible Plans

Select a deductible of $3000 or $5000 and pay all of your service costs out-of-pocket until your deductible is met. These plans offer 100 percent coverage after deductible and preventive care for free at any time during the course of your plan. Vision exams are included each year for a $15 copay.

Coventry One Georgia QHD Plan Benefits