Cigna’s Georgia network includes nearly 16,000 providers and over 160 hospitals to better serve your needs. Though their individual and families plans are fairly new, introduced within the past 5 years, they have quickly become as reliable a source of coverage as their group plans offered nationwide. Cigna has chosen to offer individual health insurance in only ten states, focusing on making their statewide individual coverage top quality, and they do offer great prices in many demographics. Their Open Access plans from Cigna in Georgia may sound like a POS, though they are not connected to an HMO network at all. Their individual plans are connected to a preferred provider network, which gives members freedom to choose any doctor of facility they like.

Cigna is accredited in Georgia by the NCQA with a Commendable status for each of their products. In addition to individuals, they also serve small and large businesses with HMO, POS, and PPO coverage. In many cases, Cigna can be a good choice for Georgia residents, as they have proven to be a great plan for both value and benefits.




Cigna Individual Plans in Georgia


Open Access Plans

The Open Access network in Georgia includes nearly 16,000 medical providers and over 160 hospitals across the state. This family of plans comes in a wide range of deductibles (from $1000 to $10,000) and offers the most benefits. For a predictable copayment, members can receive physician or specialist services in-network, as well as generic prescriptions. Out-of-network care is also covered, though higher rates apply. Select a plan that fits your needs and budget, and get preventive care, hospital benefits, and many other services.

Cigna Georgia Open Access Brochure

Open Access 1000/80 Benefits

Open Access 2000/80 Benefits

Open Access 3000/80 Benefits

Open Access 5000/80 Benefits

Open Access 5000/100 Benefits

Open Access 7500/100 Benefits

Open Access 10,000/100 Benefits


Open Access Value Plans

Use the same broad network of Open Access doctors and hospitals while paying a lower premium for great benefits. These plans offer a fewer number of covered office visits for a copay, but also include generic prescriptions upfront. Preventive care is available for free with any in-network provider, and members have more cost sharing responsibility at 25 percent coinsurance after deductible. These plans also have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket limits.

Cigna Georgia Open Access Value Brochure

Open Access Value 1500/75 Benefits

Open Access Value 2500/75 Benefits

Open Access Value 3500/75 Benefits

Open Access Value 5500/75 Benefits

Open Access Value 7500/75 Benefits

Open Access Value 10,000/75 Benefits


Health Savings Plans

HSA plans from Cigna in Georgia give members the freedom to use any provider the choose, whether in the Open Access network or not. Pair your plan with a health savings account to pay for qualified medical expenses with tax-favored funds. Select one of three high deductibles, and receive coverage at 100 percent after you have satisfied the full amount. Take advantage of a low monthly premium and preventive care with a solid network.

Cigna Georgia Health Savings Plan Brochure

Health Savings 2500 Benefits

Health Savings 3500 Benefits

Health Savings 5000 Benefits


Find out more about Cigna plans in your area by getting a free health insurance quote, and compare rates with other carriers near you. Call one of our licensed Georgia agents any time at 888 803 9517.