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Blue Cross & Health Reform

Health Care Reform: How BCBS Georgia is Helping to Make a Difference

As the national health care debate continues, it’s important to consider what’s being done state by state. In Georgia, BCBS is involved—and has been for some time, as part of an ongoing corporate initiative—in working to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing waste and costs.

Obviously, as one of the country’s largest health insurance providers, BCBS has a direct stake in the health care debate and their interests are directly affected by suggestions for insurance reform.

Some of the major issues that BCBS has taken a stand on:

  • Advocating for improved quality of care (including investing in technology) as an effort to manage costs.
  • A promotion of evidence-based medicine—that is, tests and procedures that have proven results with real-world outcomes—as a reasonable expenditure of health care dollars.
  • An effort to make information on health care, wellness, and disease prevention widely available to everyone—so that the residents of Georgia can help to manage their own care and health, and be informed on healthy living, medical advances, and more.
  • A focus on prevention (well-care visits for children and the elderly, especially, to diagnose disease before it becomes catastrophic) and the management of chronic or ongoing illnesses through drug therapy, doctors    visits, and more.
  • An emphasis on drug therapy as a positive means of controlling chronic disease and managing illnesses.
  • The promotion of various strategies (including technology, record keeping, and the reduction of human error) to reduce medical errors and adverse drug reactions
  • Reducing costs through fraud elimination, improving administrative functions, and limiting liability to reduce the threats involved with excessive litigation.

Blue Cross Blue Shieldof Georgia also has taken a strong stand to try to make health care options more affordable so event the poorest Americans can afford to cover themselves and their families at some level. BCBS advocates a system of financing as part of the end strategy of health care, so that those below poverty levels are provided some access to health insurance options.

Lastly, BCBS is strongly supportive of reform in insurance markets to meet consumer need. BCBS has delivered quality health care solutions for decades in Georgia, and welcomes opportunity for competition in order to continue to improve—especially because consumer benefit through choice. Furthermore, with additional providers in the marketplace, innovation and new thinking is rewarded—and again, consumers benefit.

Health care reform in our country is necessary, and BCBS Georgia is strongly supportive of a new system that will provide quality care, reasonably priced, for all Georgians.

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