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BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia has been a stable source of health insurance in the state of Georgia since the 1930s, offering plans to cover families and individuals for health care, dental, vision, and more. BCBS of Georgia currently provides health care for over 3.3 million Georgia residents.

How about maternity in Georgia?  They do cover it, however, there is a waiting period of one year before you can use it. The Premier Plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia covers maternity for an additional $148.32.  This entitles you to a $3000 total copayment one time for the entire birth.  If you ask me, this is not enough to justify the $148.32 per month. Why? Because you can contract with the local hospital for the same price by prepaying for the birth. The other plans actually include some maternity benefits but only after the deductible is satisfied.  So in actuality, besides the Kaiser Permanente plans, the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are the best for maternity.

Georgia residents have access to many different types of BCBS health care plans, and also have the ability to add supplemental coverage to their medical plans with dental and vision benefits offered to individual members. This way, you have all of your care covered by one health plan, and you gain more health services while saving money. BCBS has relationships with the premier health organizations, PPO’s, and hospitals in the state, and most plans provide nationwide access to the well-credentialed Blue Cross network, which is the largest in the country. Members can also receive coverage while traveling internationally. All individual health plans in Georgia are available in both POS and PPO network options to optimize your cost savings.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia


BCBSGA Individual Plans


Premier Plus

A fully comprehensive health plan for Georgia individuals and families, with the highest level of benefits possible from BCBSGA. Providing numerous for affordable rates through an extensive network, Premier Plus plan members have access to an unlimited amount of office visits for a copay. Also, you can buy generic prescriptions for a flat rate, and get brand names covered after a pharmacy deductible has been met. These plans also include a maternity option and a yearly eye exam.

BCBSGA Premier Plus POS Brochure

BCBSGA Premier Plus PPO Brochure


SmartSense Plus

Though they may not offer the widest array of services, these plans include a lower monthly premium and up to three covered office visits before deductible. However, for those who do not visit the doctor very often and still want adequate protection with plenty of providers to choose from, these are a great option. Hospital care, prescriptions and many other services are also covered, and preventive care is always free. Coinsurance varies by deductible to offer you a better value overall on essential services and more.

BCBSGA SmartSense Plus POS Brochure

BCBSGA SmartSense Plus PPO Brochure


ForwardFocus HSA

With a traditional plan design and the option of starting a health savings account, members have freedom both financially and with provider selection. While you pay for most of your services in full until meeting the deductible, you have access to preventive and wellness services at no cost. The plan can cover one or more individuals, making it easier to reach your deductible and receive 80 or 100 percent coverage. Non-network benefits are also covered, and maternity care is optional for deductibles of $2,500 or higher.

BCBSGA ForwardFocus HSA POS Brochure



A great product for young adults or anyone who wants a simple plan that includes necessary benefits at a reasonable price. Tonik plans cover your first four office visits and generic drugs for a copay as soon as your plan starts, and even throws in a few dental and vision services. Major medical care is also covered at 100 percent after deductible, including emergency, inpatient stays, diagnostic work, and surgery.


Call a licensed agent for more details and personalized rates from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia at 888 803 5917. Compare Georgia health plans near you in seconds with an online health insurance quote.