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Aetna in Georgia Review

Aetna Health Plan of Georgia: How it Ranks

US News and World Report recently ran rankings of some of the health insurance providers who operate in Georgia. If you’re in the market for health insurance, this is important to you—for if you have a choice, you’ll want to choose a company that has reasonable rates and quality service.

Aetna performed well on the ratings report, with an overall score on a 100 point scale of 82.5 (think back to your school days, and Aetna would have a B or a B-). Like other major plans in Georgia health insuranceAetna has NCQA accreditation; this means that they’ve gone through a rigorous screening process to meet 60 separate standards checks and must annually renew and prove that they are meeting increasing tough standards of quality in order to retain this prestigious distinction. For more information on NCQA, an independent not-for-profit group, visit their site—ncqa.org.

The US News and World Report rankings judge insurance companies on a number of different criteria. Aetna’s highest scores were in providing for and monitoring immunizations, aggressive cancer and other disease screenings, and other general treatment areas.


“We Believe Health Insurance is A Right Not A Privilege”

Aetna from A National Perspective

As a national company, Aetna is especially focused on offering affordable benefit plans to companies of any size (small, medium, and large) who have offices in many states. Aetna was also the first national health insurance company to introduce consumer-directed health plans (CDHP)). In the context of the national debate over health care reform, Aetna maintains that CDHP’s offer an excellent alternative to reducing costs while allowing consumers themselves to take an active role in their own health and well-being.

Consumer Direct Health Plans from Aetna

What are CDHP’s? Consumer directed health plans include a health fund or health savings account, typically funded with a combination of contributions from the consumer/employee and the employer; a high deductible health plan for emergencies, that also includes preventative care (not charged against the deductible), and a wealth of information available online and through employee resources to help members make the best decisions about wellness and treatment options. The incentive and the goal is for members to become informed and active partners in taking care of their own health—hopefully making healthier life choices and engaging in preventative measures that are at far lower cost then untreated illnesses that subsequently lead to long term complications, treatment, and expensive surgery.

CDHP’s are growing in popularity, and as some companies are facing tough choices in perhaps not offering any type of health insurance coverage to employees—provide a great option for some coverage that is reasonable for both employer and employee. Aetna continues to focus on this option nationwide and in Georgia.

Aetna, as one of the more highly-rated Georgia health insurance companies, is an excellent choice to inquire about in comparing quotes from leading companies.