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Georgia Companies

Here is our table of contents for our section on the Georgia health insurance companies that East Coast Health Insurance has chosen to represent.  There is a great choice in Georgia and I would be happy with any of the companies that we represent.  I have three favorites, however, which are Kaiser Permanente, Coventry One, and Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield, which might be the best Blue Cross representative in the country.

Georgia Health Insurance Companies

Aetna- AARP – One of the most trusted names in health insurance, and the only national company to never rescind a policy on us.  Once you are insured with Aetna, you are insured.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia – My favorite Blue Cross Blue Shield in the country is in Georgia in terms of price, commissions to brokers (very low, which is a good thing), and benefits.

Cigna – As a new company to the individual market, they are very affordable but only in some areas.  Of course there is a good chance that they are also the cheapest company for you and your family so they should always be a contender.

Coventry One – The best PPO benefits period for individual health insurance. An incredible company.

Humana One –  Pretty standard plan, nothing to sing or dance about. Pricing is below average.

Kaiser Permanente – Awesome, period.  HMO’s are my favorite as they are extremely  comprehensive, and Kaiser in Georgia has a huge network.

United Health One –  Decent, nothing to write home about.