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East Coast Health Insurance: About Us

East Coast Health Insurance is the leading health insurance broker for online health insurance quotes. Our corporate office is in Deerfield Beach, Florida and we can be reached anytime for any health insurance questions.

We have in business for 5 years in health insurance and 10 years in insurance. East Coast Health Insurance started out by going on face-to-face to appointments selling health insurance to individuals and families that were either referred to us or purchased as leads. After developing an enormous client base from our honest and reliable service, we were able to expand into the internet health insurance business in May of 2009.  After an intense three months of exciting new opportunities, and of course stress, we start expanding our base of operations from Florida to Georgia and Texas.

Our Georgia Health Insurance Quote engine has every reputable health insurance company, and you can see a quote from all individual health insurance plans in an instant. If you are then able to figure out the plans, you can even apply online and get a Georgia health insurance policy five minutes later (subject to underwriting, sadly!)

Our reputation in Florida health insurance came from our belief that everyone, regardless of health or wealth, deserves health care – regardless of what some paper pusher in a medical underwriter’s office believes. East Coast Health Insurance is the only health insurance broker in the entire country that has one employee that researches public health options from the government and private companies all day long.  We are always working on our Georgia health insurance site, and offer a state-by-state database of free clinics and county health plans as well as adding many of the outstanding programs that no one has ever heard of.

Please call us at 888 803 5917 for any questions anytime.


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