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Use our AARP member resource to find Individual Health Insurance Plans,

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Welcome to East Coast Health Insurance, a broker of health insurance plans throughout the United States.

Don’t let our name fool you – our agents are licensed in nearly every state to sell Individual and Family Plans as well as Medicare Insurance.


Headquartered in South Florida, our company entered the online health insurance market ten years ago, and has been selling policies through our brokerage for over a decade. With an emphasis on personal attention and care, we specialize in individual and family plans, though we also sell life, Medicare supplemental and group health insurance from the nation’s top carriers.

Our agency is proud to offer plans on the health insurance marketplaces, and provide resources on Health Insurance Legislation (from Affordable Care Act to American Health Care Act) to help you better understand the new laws.


Shop Online for Health Insurance on Our Secure Website

While navigating through the site, you have the opportunity to receive a free health insurance quote in a matter of seconds on each page. Provide a few pieces of information and you have immediate access to personalized rates from each of the most revered health insurance companies in your region. We only choose to sell the highest ranked, accredited, and trusted names in each market. Tracking current company performance, ratings, and reviews, a contract will not be obtained or renewed if an insurer has not met our standards. We offer plans on and off exchange, which means simply, that we can sell plans to people that qualify for subsidies and those that don’t.

Discover your options, narrow down the selection and choose the best plan to fit your needs. Every Choice Health Insurance guarantees your security and privacy when purchasing a plan throughout the entire process. Once you select a plan, you will be directed to that company’s secure site to finish your application securely and in compliance with HIPAA laws.


Our Agents

Need assistance? Our team of licensed agents is standing by from 9AM – 9PM EST to offer an honest, professional opinion on each company, and the type of plan that will suit you best.

Each of our agents understands how difficult it is to shop for health insurance. We’re here to assist you, and want to find you a plan that offers the most benefits for the least money. Keeping the unique qualities of each individual in mind, an agent is your gateway to coverage, eliminating the guesswork and providing real solutions.

Speak with one of our agents at 888 803 5917.


Your Online Health Insurance Resource

As you will find while browsing our articles, the aim of our company is to educate and guide you toward the most affordable health plan, as well as being an open book on this industry. We have done our best to provide real answers to your health insurance questions. We appreciate your feedback should you not find the information you need from our resources.

Find On and Off Exchange Coverage.

Off Exchange

We offer nationwide health plans off-exchange. Apply online or by phone for a long term health plan directly from the company you like best.

On Exchange

We are licensed to quote and sell plans on the health insurance marketplace. Our Licensed Health Insurance Agents are Marketplace-Certified and can help you apply through our quote engines, Quotit and ACA Express.

As these platforms are linked to the federal data hub, HealthCare.gov, our agents can find out if you qualify for a plan on the exchange and tax credits to reduce your premium and medical costs.

Visit our Obamacare section for more information on coverage requirements, saving money on health insurance, and the laws and changes to the Affordable Care Act.


Use Supplemental Plans to Fill Gaps.

Supplemental insurance plans offer individuals and families under age 65 the option of applying for coverage any time of year, gaining access to select healthcare benefits, and not necessarily being subject to medical underwriting. Coverage is affordable and many options are available, depending on your needs.


Our Supplemental Options include:

  • Limited Benefit
  • Short Term Medical
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Prescription Discount Cards


Apply for Medicare Plans.

Our agents are also licensed to assist with your Medicare coverage, and appointed with the carriers you trust the most including AARP, Humana, and Mutual of Omaha. Get a Medicare Supplement quote, then call us at 888.803.5917 to start your application.


Find Medicaid & State Health Plan Information.

We also understand that millions of Americans are unable to afford the cost of health insurance, and invite you to browse information on free, government-sponsored health plans such as Medicaid, and resources for free or low cost medical care.


Find information specific to your region.

Visit our States section, where we impart our knowledge and research on companies, the current individual and family health insurance market in your city, laws, public health plans and more in detail.


Answer your health insurance questions.

Health 101 offers education on all things health insurance. This section is a continually growing textbook with insights and explanations from underwriting guidelines to defining a copayment. For a quick resource of definitions, check our Glossary.


Know your rights as a policyholder.

Find out about the health insurance Laws in our nation and how they affect each of us personally. View the various consumer protections in health insurance, whether you need clarification on health reform or HIPAA.


Find the best health insurance plan in your city.

Fill out a quick Quote and view personally tailored rates from each health insurer available in your region. Through our quote engine, you can view plans according to deductible, premium, or company, and view the benefits and details of each plan. Compare rates from different companies side by side to find the most affordable plan.


Get healthy advice.

We care about protecting and improving the lives of our customers and readers by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We also provide tips for getting the most out of your health plan, and offer local outlets for health and wellness near you. Visit our Wellness site for resources on staying healthy, smart and covered. Take care of yourself and save money!



Health Insurance Marketplace

Our agents can help you apply for the exchange in your state, as they have completed training and have access to the federal exchange database through our quote engine.

Trumpcare Update:

Laws are changing in 2017, which will impact you if you currently have a Marketplace health plan, or intend to apply for one this year.

You will qualify for a plan on the exchange in your state, which is an online marketplace for individual and small group health plans, if:

  • You do not qualify for coverage with your employer
  • If your employer’s health insurance is too costly
  • If your employer’s health insurance doesn’t meet basic requirements (minimum essential coverage)


Who Should Shop Marketplace Health Plans?

Health plans on the exchange are geared toward individuals who don’t have access to coverage through an employer and may qualify for financial help.

If your income is within a certain range, you may qualify for a reduced monthly premium through a tax credit provided by the government. Subsidies are also available to lower the cost of medical care for those who are eligible through an exchange. These perks and discounts are exclusive to individual health plans on the exchange only, not in the private market.


What We Do For You

We are the most trusted name in online health insurance quotes, and we only sell the plans that we would have on ourselves. We are standing by at 888 803 5917 to answer all of your questions about health insurance.

Don’t take a chance on a small company or some affiliate marketing company that sells your information to other companies. Many other health insurance brokers will only offer products that benefit them and not you, while we carry only approved companies that are selected based on our very tough criteria.

ECHealthInsurance.com is known for telling it like it is, and our reviews and recommendations are based on what is best for you, not for East Coast Health Insurance. We pride ourselves on honesty and doing the right thing. We will do our best to answer your questions about Medicaid, KidCare, or any subject that we can. All of our brokers are extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of on and off exchange, Medicaid options, and all of your options, just when you think you don’t have any left.

We will get you coverage, because we believe that health insurance is a right, not a privilege.



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